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Maki Hasegawa is an artist and illustrator living in Milan, Italy, since 1999 when she has started to study fine art in the Painting department at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera. Her artistic experience bases in drawing and painting magical and ordinary at the same time, beings, objects, nature, landscapes, animals with detailed descriptions. She creates goods under the brand name Abstractales other than illustration paintings.

Her art is based on the idea that the human aesthetic consists in searching for a little something in the distance, like people feel great when they find a star they know in the dark huge sky. If there is a lack of vision, this becomes an important discovery and it is creative.This idea leads the artist to be inspired by the miniature paintings, idea of landscapes, and the focus on the meticulous expressions.

長谷川 真樹

Personal exhibitions 個展

2016 December- Dieci notti di sogni – racconti notturni ( Ten nights of dreams – night stories ) at Galleria d’arte San Francesco Reggio Emilia

2019 March – “Ti voglio bene, me” at Galleria d’arte San Francesco Reggio Emilia

2019 September – “Ti voglio bene, me” at Ciasmo, Milano

2022 February – ” Yukie e l’orso ” original illustrations at Galleria D’arte San Francesco, Reggio Emilia

Picturebooks 絵本

2018 ” A casa dell’ape ” from kira kira edizioni text by Alice Keller

2019 Illustration for “Il giornale dei gatti” in the book “100 Gianni Rodari” from Edizioni EL

2020 ” Yukie e l’orso ” from kira kira edizioni text by Alice Keller

2021 “L’arboscello” by Umberto Saba from Einaudi ragazzi

2021 ” L’ultimo merlo ” by Gianni Rodari in “Ambiente Rodari” from Einaudi ragazzi

Collaborations コラボレーション

2016 June Lahar Magazine #29 -Accidia : illustration on online magazine

2016 July Collaboration with Sneakers the Corgi for Mini Message note cards set with watercolour Corgi illustration

2016 August Lahar Magazine #30-Superbia :Illustration on paper poster magazine

2016 November Lahar Magazine #31-Punk : Illustration on online magazine

2016 Papyrus Greetings – a painting for a project of wedding card

2017 Red Magazine UK – Illustration for the horoscope star Taurus

2017 Fabric painting project with Confezioni Paradiso for a collection ” The Secret Garden”

2017 Papyrus Greetings – a painting for a project of new baby card

2017 Dutch Flow Magazine Issue 5 – an illustration “Reading in the forest”

2018 Flow Magazione The Book for Paper Lovers for the cover of travel journal notebook

2021 Baby birth announcement cards for Kleine Kameleon

Shops where you can find something of my creations

Milano – Ciasmo Via della Commenda 28, Milano

Toronto Canada – Paper plus Cloth

New York U.S. – Nico Neco Zakkaya 263 East 10th Street, New York

Please feel free to write to me for commissions, wholesales or just questions or hello ! :

Instagram Account : Abstractales